End-User License Agreement


Provider: Silverline Cruises Ltd.
Headquarters: 1044 Budapest, Zsilip utca 9.
Office and Port Address: 1011 Budapest Batthyány tér Dock 1/B
Company registration number: 01-09-973821
Tax identification number: 23692800-2-41
Phone number, hotline: +36-20-332-5364
Email address: hello@purpleliner.hu

I. General Information:

1.1. The Provider exclusively owns the software named Purpleliner Travel Guide (hereinafter referred to as “Software”), which provides GPS-based audio-guide (tour guide) service to individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) who purchase tickets for boat sightseeing programs organized by the Provider on the Danube and download the application (hereinafter referred to as “Application”). The program descriptions are available on the website www. purpleliner.hu. The GPS-based service allows Users to access additional information in real-time about landmarks located along the boat’s route, and photos of the landmarks also assist in orientation.

II. Downloading the Software:

2.1. The Software can only be downloaded on mobile devices (Android, IOS, Windows). Mobile devices include all devices capable of mobile data traffic and mobile communication, particularly smartphones and tablets.

2.2. To use the Application, a mobile device with at least Android 5 or IOS 13 version, sufficient free storage space for installation, and suitable internet bandwidth are required. Users must ensure the technical requirements for downloading and running the Application. The Provider requests Users to download the Application before the departure of the boat whenever possible.

2.3. The Application can be downloaded free of charge through Google Play or Apple Store. The usage and operational rules of the app stores are available in the information provided within the application. The Provider is not responsible for the use and rules of the app stores.

2.4. The Software can only be used for personal purposes.

III. Conclusion of the Agreement:

3.1. This End-User License Agreement is concluded between the User using the Software and the Provider regarding the Purpleliner Travel Guide mobile application. By downloading, installing, and using the Software, the User accepts and is bound by the terms of this Agreement.

3.2. The Agreement is not considered a written contract, and the Provider does not record it.

IV. Use of the Application and Software:

4.1. The Software can be used without registration or providing personal data.

4.2. The Software requires an internet connection and the permission to access location data during use. If the User does not allow the sharing of location data, the automatic, location-based guided tour function will not work. In this case, the User can manually select landmarks from photos and read or listen to information.

4.3. With location data sharing and a proper internet connection, the guided tour starts by pressing the “… ” button in the Application and ends by pressing the “Finish Sightseeing” button. After pressing the “Finish Sightseeing” button, the photos and texts in the Application are automatically deleted. The User can manually delete the Application from the phone after completing the city tour.

4.4. It is recommended to use headphones while using the Application, and the User is responsible for providing the necessary equipment.

4.5. The Application does not store or record the User’s location data. The sharing of location data is required for the Software to start the appropriate tour guide related to the current location of the boat.

V. Usage Rights:

5.1. The Software is the exclusive property of the Provider. By installing, downloading, and using the Software, the User does not acquire ownership of the Software; only the usage rights specified in this Agreement apply to the User.

5.2. The Software, including the photos, written and verbal information contained in the Software, is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.

5.3. Based on this Agreement, the User acquires a non-exclusive, non-transferable, time-limited license to use the Software on mobile devices for personal use within the territory of Hungary, in accordance with the rules of the app stores. The User is allowed to install the Software on their mobile device and use it for their own purposes during the validity period of the license, which expires at the end of the boat sightseeing program organized by the Provider upon the return of the boat to the port.

5.4. The usage license does not extend to the installation of the Software on devices not owned or used by the User and does not cover making the Software accessible on a network that allows simultaneous use by multiple devices.

5.5. The usage license is limited to the extent required for the intended use of the Software.

5.6. The usage license does not cover the distribution, duplication, modification, lending, leasing, sale, or sub-licensing of the Software. Copying, reverse engineering, recovering any source code, or modifying the Software is prohibited.

5.7. The terms of this Agreement apply to all updates, new versions, or any add-ons to the Software.

5.8. The Provider does not provide maintenance or support for the Software.

5.9. The content displayed in the Software, including photos, and written or verbal information, is the exclusive property of the Provider, and their use requires permission from the Provider. The photos and information can only be displayed during the use of the Software and cannot be used, stored, recorded, or exploited in any other way by the User.

5.10. The User is not entitled to use the Provider’s trademarks, name, or logo.

5.11. The Software includes technical measures designed to prevent unauthorized or excessive use. As part of these measures, certain non-personal data may be sent to the Provider. Bypassing these measures or modifying the Software in this manner will lead to liability.

VI. Data Collection:

6.1. The Software collects and transmits technical parameters of the User’s mobile device, the operating system, and data related to applications and connected peripherals to the Provider. The Provider is authorized to use this data for the development of their products as long as it does not identify the User.

6.2. If the User allows the Application to access location data while running, the Software will have access to location data but will not store it, nor send/share it with any third-party.

VII. Limitation of Liability:

7.1. The Provider reserves the right to withdraw, modify, or restrict the use of the Software at any time without prior notice, and is not liable for this.

7.2. The Software is available free of charge and is used at the User’s own risk (“as is”).

7.3. The Provider disclaims all liability for any damages arising from the use or restricted use of the Software, including but not limited to lost business profits, revenue, or earnings, or any direct or indirect damages.

7.4. The Provider does not guarantee that the Software fully complies with the terms of this Agreement and meets the User’s requirements, operates continuously, without errors, and accurately. The Provider will make every effort to correct errors but does not guarantee this.

7.5. The Provider reserves the right to modify, change, or revise the Software or its terms of use, and the terms of this Agreement apply to all such modifications.

VIII. Termination:

8.1. The Provider is entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the User violates the terms of this Agreement. In this case, the User must delete the Software from all their devices.

8.2. If the User discontinues the use of the Software or deletes it from their devices, it shall be considered a termination of the Agreement by the User.

8.3. Upon the termination of this Agreement, the User is obliged to discontinue the use of the Software and delete it from all their devices.

IX. Final Provisions:

9.1. Hungarian laws apply to this Agreement. The official language of this Agreement is Hungarian.


Information on our Guide App


During our sightseeing cruise, you can enjoy a guided tour of the city’s attractions by downloading our free mobile application on your device. After downloading, we provide descriptions, audio, and image materials about the landmarks.

Additionally, by enabling the GPS function, audio blocks showcasing noticeable sights will start automatically during your travel. However, if you do not allow the GPS tracking function on your device, you can still listen to the commentary by manually starting each block, even after your tour.


A quick guide on installing our application:

  1. Download the application from Google Play / Apple Store to your device.
  2. After downloading and installing, select your language.
  3. Read the End User License Agreement.
  4. The application will download the media content in your chosen language.
  5. After the download is complete, tap the “Start Sightseeing” button.
  6. Initiate the city tour by tapping the button in the upper right corner. The application will request permission to turn on GPS.
  7. Admire the beauty of Budapest and enjoy the guided tour!



At the end of the tour, you can stop the guided tour by tapping the “Stop Sightseeing” button in the upper right corner. If you wish to remove all media content, tap the three dots in the welcome menu and select the “Finish Sightseeing” option. Afterward, you can uninstall the application in the usual way from your device.


Basic troubleshooting – FAQ

  • If you have chosen the wrong language, tap on the three dotted lines at the top right corner, and select language. The app will download the necessary component in your chosen language, and you can listen to the commentary.
  • Upon the start of the tour, the application will begin as soon as it reaches the first zone. From there, it will continue playing the content automatically, timed to match your proximity to the next attraction. If you haven’t allowed the use of GPS, the automatic playback feature will not be available. In this case, you can only start playing the audio blocks manually.
  • Due to various environmental conditions and reasons, certain blocks may be delayed or not played at all. In such cases, you can still listen to these blocks during or after the tour until you delete the application from your device.
  • Additionally, the application might be activated on land as well, potentially after your visit to the landmarks. To prevent this, use the Stop button or uninstall the application.
  • If a block is replayed, skipped, or missing during the tour, the next block in the queue will interrupt it when you enter the next zone, force playing it. You can resume or replay the interrupted blocks, even after completing the tour.
  • Please be aware that other applications may interfere with the functionality of our application. We recommend limiting the use of such applications to ensure an undisturbed guided tour.
  • Please note that the app might not start automatically and work properly when Power saving or Battery saving mode is activated on your device.
  • We suggest that you come prepared with a fully charged device for the tour. However, if your device is running low on battery, you have the option to recharge it with your own (two-prom) charger on board, as we cannot provide chargers on the deck.
  • To ensure an uninterrupted sightseeing experience for all passengers, we kindly ask you to use your own headset or earphones or earbuds. Thank you! We are unable to provide headsets for your devices on board.